Pomade Shop Opening Cologne

Yes, ma'am, it's Dapper Dan

Goldstück invited me to take a look at the new Pomade Shop in Cologne. They started as an online-only shop and on Saturday they opened their second store in Germany and finally bringing some retro style and class to cologne. The shop is filled with everything a man need. Later that day Cat Lee King and his Cocks performed a few songs and it felt like the whole district was back in the 50's.

I took the chance and took some shots there. As always I used my M3 with my 50mm Summicron DR. The high contrast look of the Ilford HP5 pushed to 1600 fits perfect within the look of the products and their costumers.


If you are in cologne you should definitely check out their store.

PomadeShop Köln
Maastrichter Straße 17
50672 Köln