Expired Astia

After seeing some recent Ektachrome images I was pretty impressed. I only know slide film for its nice and saturated colors. If you look online for slide shots you’ll find perfect bright summer days. I think this is the weather where slide really pays of. Brennan McKissick did the opposite and tried the new Ektachrome on an overcast, rainy day and I totally fell in love with the over all moody look. The shadows are exactly where they need to be. The images doesn’t look muddy in any way.
I had some expired Fuji Astia in my fridge and I wanted to give it a try on an overcast day too. The images had a massive magenta-cast which was hard to remove. They are far from perfect but I love the feeling in the images and the look. Even though the film expired several years ago I metered everything on EI100 and most of the shots where taken with 1/30 sec and f 2.0.