Impossible PX 100 Silver Shade Monochrome Instant

shooting expired black and white film on my SX-70

Polaroid SX-70

After I finally got an SX-70 I had to buy new polaroid film. I also have the ND Filter to use my 600 Film on the SX-70 but I wanted to try the new polaroid Color film. After a few weeks with my SX-70 my friend Andre told me, that he accidentally bought Impossibles first black and white film in 2010 and stored it in his fridge the last years. Since he didn't own an SX-70 we did a little film swap and I was able to put the still sealed and stored pack into my camera. One thing I didn't knew was that the guys from Ilford helped Impossible with their first batch which made me even me even more excited to shoot the black and white polaroid film. The PX 100 Silver Shade Film itself expired in 2011.


The Images are far from what I expected to be. This looks more like brown tinted color film. There are a lot white marks and I shot most of the images handheld indoors with bad lighting conditions which lead to blurry images. After I took the first image I didn't want to waste the shoots so I took portraits of my coworkers. The Images are not perfect and far from useable. But I thought I share them anyway. I like the overall look and it's more about the subject and taking pictures than making the 1000 Dollar shot