Just a quick look on how to bulk load film


The whole process is pretty much self explanatory. You can buy your film as a big 17.5 meter or 30 meter roll. There are different bulk loaders available but they all work the same way. You load your film into the loader. Of course this has to be done in complete darkness. Once everything is set up and closed you can turn the light on and start loading your film into you spool.


I bought empty and reusable canisters on ebay. On every loader you have an opening where the exposed film comes out. You have to tape this on the of your little spool. I prefer to use gaffa tape just because ;)

after that you take your canister and slide it over the film so that the spool is inside the canister. Then you take the end cap and close the canister. Make sure everything is locked tight so that no light can hit the unexposed film. Now it's time to get the film on your spool.

Take the crank arm and insert it into the loader. There should be a little framecounter at the backside. Make sure it's on "Start" or S. After that you just rotate the arm and with every frame you'll hear a click. Once you get the desired numbers of frames you stop rotating. Simply open the part where your canister is located and cut of the film between the loader and the canister.

I made myself a little template from another film and cut my loaded film so it will fit in the film leaded of my camera.


I prefer the Ilford HP-5 Plus film. I like it's grain and it is perfect for pushing. You can get a normal roll at amazon for about 6,50 €. I bought 17,5 meters of HP-5 for 40€. Right now I loaded 6 rolls and still have about 6 meters left. I think i will end up to about 9 or 10 rolls. Bulkloading is way cheaper than buying each film individually and it's more fun because you get a more DIY feeling, especially if you are developing on your own. The other reason why I bulk load is that I'm not limited to 36 frames. Sometimes I'd like to try things out and only get 25 Frames loaded, or even less. 


happy shooting